About Us

Since 1997 Fenderskirts Vintage has specialized in vintage wares from the 1960's and earlier.

Our mission is to hunt down treasures at flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and auctions. 
We also like to save neglected items from the land fill by restoring them back to their glory.


Browse our vintage wares in our eBay store.

Get into the holiday spirit by visiting our holiday shoppe on Etsy.
Do your own restorations with our retro decals in our 2nd Etsy shop.

"Sew" many retro fabrics on our Spoonflower site.

Our Team

Company Car

Cosmo gets us to the flea markets, estate sales and
yard sales in style.


Mailroom Supervisor

Sambo alerts us when the mailman has arrived so we can ship all of our items on time.


Junior Associate

Newest member of the team. Zuzu is in charge of keeping everyone awake.



In charge of buying vintage inventory and feeding all the employees.


Musical Resources

Buckee is in charge of the music in the office. His cheerful tunes keeps everyone jolly.

R.I.P July 2017
We miss you!



Peyton makes sure our office is bug free and we are very appreciative of her.

R.I.P May 2019

Fly free birdie!

Dixie Lou

Senior Associate

17 years with the company and DIxie has no plans of retiring.

R.I.P Dec 2017
We love you!


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